Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iași: Courses hosted

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Jean Monnet Chair in European Political Economy 2017-2018
Jean Monnet Chair in European Political Economy 2018-2019
European economic development management
Să înțelegem conflictele, instituțiile și politicile Uniunii Europene
Economie, politică economică și public choice
Economic, social and foreign policy
Economics, economic policy and public choice
Second edition starting October 2021, now also in French!
Political conflicts, democratic institutions, public policy and foreign policy
Securing information in the digital single market
Economic, social and foreign policies
Conflicts, institutions and policies
Theories, institutions and policy
The new politics of social movements in Central and Eastern Europe
Bioterrorism and warfare, strategic communications and cybersecurity
Theories, actors, institutions and politics
Universidade da Coruña International Summer School 2016
North-South relations and the global economic order
Contentions, arguments, alternatives
Understanding international conflict and co-operation